Rising sign compatibility leo and leo

Once integrated, this will also show the area of life where love, admiration, applause and effectiveness should be sought.

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In many ways, when Leo rises your task in life is to shine! You will either grow in greater confidence and warmth of expression as you share your generous spirit with others, or develop a tendency toward affectation and extravagance which belies an underlying insecurity. Much depends on the choices that you make. You are likely to need attention and approval from others, so you are better off to admit that from the outset.

The need to stand out in your own right is paramount. You have extraordinary reserves of creativity and love that need an outlet. Following your heart and exploring your passions will help you bring these gifts to the fore. Once you feel you are getting the recognition you deserve then you can become a great source of fun, inspiration and leadership.

Leo Leo Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage Life

Doing what you love brings your best qualities to the fore. For a well-rounded picture, the qualities of your Sun Sign and House should be considered, as well as the qualities of your Moon sign. Or you may be happy with simple surroundings, but will make the effort to ensure there is plenty of time for pleasure, romance or fun.

In some ways you are likely to have a larger-than-life attitude. You are all about grand gestures, big dreams and stunning vistas. You are also likely to be a capable and demanding authority figure, well suited to leadership and managerial positions. Others respond well to your kindness, sense of fun, faith and optimism. As a rule, you tend to be proud, are sometimes insecure despite your capabilities, and hate above all else to be criticized.

If not received, your temper tends to flare. Overblown displays of outrage brought on by wounded pride can mask deep insecurities. The need for comfort and luxury is likely to lead you to work very hard for success.

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Your love of recognition makes achievement even more important for you. Give them their due attention and they will be there for you on the occasional day that you are down. You are naturally here to lead in some way, but need to learn that leadership involves sharing command. Finding out what makes others special and unique helps you incorporate them into your plans. You must learn to temper your urge to fulfill your own potential by learning to appreciate and accept the contribution that every body makes to the whole, of which we are all a part.

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You are so inclined to do things your own way, you may look down your nose, so to speak, at others who do not do things as you would. People will follow you gladly if you treat them with respect. Scorn them, and they may leave you all alone, which is precisely the situation you fear. You need an audience or form of feedback to know you are performing at your best. Sometimes working with a therapist or client-entered astrologer is the best way to understand how you feel.

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When young you may have trouble adjusting your expectations to the actual circumstances of your life, but over time you will learn how to find the magic in the every day and the best in the people around you. Recognize where your talents lie and turn them into strengths.

Leo Sexual Compatibility: Selfish and Enthusiastic in Bed

Then perhaps she starts flirting with someone else. Fine, no problem — easy going Libra rising guy laughs it off as a bit of harmless fun. But he has a Scorpio sun sign, and is inwardly seething with jealousy. If nothing else, taking a peek into your joint ascendant sign compatibility can help you fend off problems like the flirting issue above.

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