March 13 sagittarius horoscope

Now you can slowly explore some of those jumbo-sized notions that rocked your world while Jupiter was powering up your sign. Between now and December 19, , you can rectify any missteps and lay a new, more solid financial foundation.

Key Dates:

Since Jupiter rules education and advanced training, this is a perfect time to add some new tools to your kit or upgrade your current set. Find a course, webinar or workshop that piques your interest.

Sagittarius Horoscope March 13 2011

And throughout , pay attention to how your cash is flowing. Listen to your own intuition, but if you are unsure of your decision, seek advice from people with sufficient life experience. This week, you may be looking forward to a job-related offer or an opportunity for additional income.

Sagittarius Health & Wellness Horoscope

This may be a reason to make an unexpected decision. During the week you will be surprised by an event or news related to pregnancy, childbirth or childbearing. If you have children of your own, the week will cost you unexpected expenses. The week will be important for you financially. You will have a reason for meetings and conversations important to your financial affairs.

You will be able to settle your financial relationships or obligations. This will be a good week to talk about issues related to salary increases or other cash benefits if you have similar aspirations. There will be an unpleasant dispute during the week at home or in your family.

Daily Horoscopes Wednesday December 4th

It is possible for you to challenge yourself with thoughtless comments, accusations and more. Women will make new friendships and social contacts with people with common interests in areas related to history, travel, health, cooking, and more. Men will spend most of their time engaged in personal hobbies, crafts, technical repairs and home improvements, and more. Astrologers note that Libras have a tendency to bend over backwards for others—do your best not to do this today. Your boundaries are important and need to be respected.

Sagittarius Horoscope - Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today

The sun connects with your ruling planet Pluto today, Scorpio, finding you having important, revealing conversations. The sun squares off with Jupiter, urging you to get clear on your needs—and keep your ego in check!

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The sun connects with power planet Pluto today, boosting your bravery when it comes to having a tough conversation. Trust your intuition; the sun squares off with Jupiter today, and listening to your inner voice is key. The sun connects with power planet Pluto and lucky Jupiter today, urging you get clear on your values and to trust your intuition when it comes to issues that concern your sense of self-worth and security.

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