Tarot reading january 16

We may think what we are doing feels good, but do we feel free to stop doing it at any time? If we are not free, we are not happy. The Devil wants us to feel fully alive.

Apogee Moon

You start to feel like you are simply going through the motions of life and not really living it. Ask yourself if you are stuck in any unhealthy patterns.

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Look at what you do to manage stress. See if your habits enrich your life or if they steal from it. If we are on the flip side, overdoing perfection, we might not have much pleasure in our life at all. We might be so focused on doing what others want, that we make little time for ourselves.

The Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp

We want to achieve all our goals and make our loved ones proud but we might be letting our personal needs fall by the wayside. The Devil card wants freedom and balance in our lives. It wants us to take care of ourselves. Whether that means indulging in our desires or looking at our habits and making healthier choices. The Hermit card is partnered with the Devil card this week and it is a great card for bringing clarity.

This card wants us to address the questions the Devil brought up by spending intentional time alone. The Hermit calls for us to take some time to be by ourselves this week. Take a walk, draw a bath, or go out in nature.

The Weekend Tarot Reading – Sunday, Jan. 16, – Astrology and Horoscopes by Eric Francis

Try it! Love is on your horizon! Talk to a psychic to know more. DEC 3, - You could wake up with vivid dreams as the Pisces moon meets Neptune this morning, casting a hazy spell or offering a fountain of infinite inspiration, depending on which side of the bed you get out of. Read full overview. Are you ready to move forward? If the Chariot shows up in your reading, it's no time to start slacking.

Congratulate yourself for your hard work, but also continue riding the wave I know that I am intelligent, because I know We simply let life take its course and are carried by the force which is unfurled. It is a beautiful answer to the call of the previous destruction. It is only a human created concept to cover up or censor this energy because of our own disconnect from the unity of all things in this universe.

This unity, once again being the common thread of energy that is felt in our hearts without our intellectual interference breaking it apart. When we see the Ten of Cups, we are expressing ourselves fully and life is meeting us halfway. In this meeting, we can see how that which is our dominant feeling is mirrored back to us. This meeting is a connection of mutual energy.

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It is a contact point between two spheres of experience. As this refulgent energy is being celebrated, the appearance of the Five of Wands might be confusing. What can this mean? How can we make sense of such a contrast? To answer these questions, we should first look at what the suit of Wands is about. The fire energy of Wands is expansive and goal oriented.

It makes very good use of passionate energy, which is directed to our desires and projects.

When we combine these two principals, we can deduce that what we are approaching is a testing ground. We have come into contact with a lot of wonderful expressive energy through a release and cleanse.


What we seem to be facing in our near future is our own limitations. The Five of Wands is testing our integrity of purpose and our ability to move past a barrier that we think is larger than it is. We will need to examine something about ourselves that is holding us back and transform it into an opportunity. In the contrast between the Ten of Cups and the Five of Wands lies an incredible truth, and it will be revealed to us at the perfect time. Here is where we can uproot the embedded and internalized voice of defeat.

This is the value of the tarot.